Today is 16/Feb/2019

Mercury - புதன், Putan ஒவ்வொரு ராசியிலும் ஒரு மாத அளவில் சஞ்சரிப்பான். Mercury transits every one month to another Rasi.

Current Transit Chart - Daily astrology birth chart

Ma Mo
Su Me
Ve Sa Ju
Gochara or transit results for Dhanu - தனுசு - Sagittarius Rasi

Current Date&Time (Indian Standard Time (IST): GMT+05.30Hrs): 16-02-2019 07:49:59

Sun - சூரியன் (ஞாயிறு) transiting house: 3

Sun - சூரியன் (ஞாயிறு) aspects house 9.

Sun - சூரியன் (ஞாயிறு) is in enemy sign and may not be able to produce good results.

Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) transiting house: 7

Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) aspects house 1. The beneficial result of Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) is obstructed by the Vedha caused by Kethu - கேது at house 2. So the good results are somehow reduced or completely absent.

Mercury - புதன் transiting house: 3

Fear from foes. Mercury transits the third house from your moon sign or Rasi. You will make new friends, will be afraid of troubles from the Government and trouble from enemies, may quit your place due to wicked deeds. Fear of enemies, family feud, loss of money, situation will force to work for other, misunderstanding among brothers, cowardness will increase, expulsion from home, fear from government and other enemies, enmity with friends and relatives. So mercury is not beneficial in third house.

Mercury - புதன் aspects house 9.

Mercury - புதன் in malefic position. Mercury - புதன் transiting Vedha position to good position 4.

Venus - சுக்கிரன் transiting house: 1

Venus - சுக்கிரன் aspects house 7. The beneficial result of Venus - சுக்கிரன் is obstructed by the Vedha caused by Rahu - ராகு at house 8. So the good results are somehow reduced or completely absent.

Mars - செவ்வாய் transiting house: 5

Mars - செவ்வாய் aspects house 11.

Mars - செவ்வாய் in malefic position. Mars - செவ்வாய் transiting Vedha position to good position 11.

Mars - செவ்வாய் is ruling and will improve the good results

Jupiter - குரு transiting house: 12

Jupiter - குரு aspects house 6.

Jupiter - குரு in malefic position. Jupiter - குரு transiting Vedha position to good position 2. The bad results are obstructed to some extent by Kethu - கேது

Saturn - சனி transiting house: 1

Saturn - சனி aspects house 7.

Saturn - சனி in malefic position.

Rahu - ராகு transiting house: 8

Rahu - ராகு aspects house 2.

Rahu - ராகு in malefic position.

Kethu - கேது transiting house: 2

Kethu - கேது aspects house 8.

Kethu - கேது in malefic position.

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