Today is 16/Feb/2019

செவ்வாய் ஒவ்வொரு ராசியிலும் ஒன்றரை மாத அளவில் சஞ்சரிப்பான். Mars transits every one and a half months to another Rasi or house.

Current Transit Chart - Daily astrology birth chart

Ma Mo
Su Me
Ve Sa Ju
PeyaRchi or transit results for Dhanu - தனுசு - Sagittarius Rasi

Current Date&Time (Indian Standard Time (IST): GMT+05.30Hrs): 16-02-2019 07:51:13

Sun - சூரியன் (ஞாயிறு) transiting house: 3

Sun - சூரியன் (ஞாயிறு) aspects house 9.

Sun - சூரியன் (ஞாயிறு) is in enemy sign and may not be able to produce good results.

Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) transiting house: 7

Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) aspects house 1. The beneficial result of Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) is obstructed by the Vedha caused by Kethu - கேது at house 2. So the good results are somehow reduced or completely absent.

Mercury - புதன் transiting house: 3

Mercury - புதன் aspects house 9.

Mercury - புதன் in malefic position. Mercury - புதன் transiting Vedha position to good position 4.

Venus - சுக்கிரன் transiting house: 1

Venus - சுக்கிரன் aspects house 7. The beneficial result of Venus - சுக்கிரன் is obstructed by the Vedha caused by Rahu - ராகு at house 8. So the good results are somehow reduced or completely absent.

Mars - செவ்வாய் transiting house: 5

Mental anguish. Mars transits the 5th house from your moon sign or Rasi. Enemies will increase, fresh diseases will make their appearance and mental peace will be completely absent when Mars passes through the 5th house. Loss from several quarters, mental imbalance, mental anguish, quarrel with others, increased anger, danger to progeny, involvement in bad company, insufficient money are the likely results. This transit may affect the health of spouse, wife may experience miscarriage. Body will lose vitality and become susceptible to diseases. Loss of money, untimely and bad food and likely results will happen during this transit of fifth house by Mars.

Mars - செவ்வாய் aspects house 11.

Mars - செவ்வாய் in malefic position. Mars - செவ்வாய் transiting Vedha position to good position 11.

Mars - செவ்வாய் is ruling and will improve the good results

Jupiter - குரு transiting house: 12

Jupiter - குரு aspects house 6.

Jupiter - குரு in malefic position. Jupiter - குரு transiting Vedha position to good position 2. The bad results are obstructed to some extent by Kethu - கேது

Saturn - சனி transiting house: 1

Saturn - சனி aspects house 7.

Saturn - சனி in malefic position.

Rahu - ராகு transiting house: 8

Rahu - ராகு aspects house 2.

Rahu - ராகு in malefic position.

Kethu - கேது transiting house: 2

Kethu - கேது aspects house 8.

Kethu - கேது in malefic position.

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