Today is 24/Feb/2019

செவ்வாய் ஒவ்வொரு ராசியிலும் ஒன்றரை மாத அளவில் சஞ்சரிப்பான். Mars transits every one and a half months to another Rasi or house.

Current Transit Chart - Daily astrology birth chart

Ve Sa Ju Mo
PeyaRchi or transit results for Kanya - கன்னி - Virgo Rasi

Current Date&Time (Indian Standard Time (IST): GMT+05.30Hrs): 24-02-2019 05:56:59

Sun - சூரியன் (ஞாயிறு) transiting house: 6

Sun - சூரியன் (ஞாயிறு) aspects house 12.

Sun - சூரியன் (ஞாயிறு) is in enemy sign and may not be able to produce good results.

Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) transiting house: 2

Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) aspects house 8.

Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) in malefic position. Moon - சந்திரன் (திங்கள்) transiting Vedha position to good position 7.

Mercury - புதன் transiting house: 6

Mercury - புதன் aspects house 12.

Venus - சுக்கிரன் transiting house: 4

Venus - சுக்கிரன் aspects house 10.

Mars - செவ்வாய் transiting house: 8

Unexpected tragedy, accident. Mars transits the 8th house from your moon sign or Rasi. This not a favourable position. This transit indicates unfavourable effects, such as discharging of blood, loss of wealth, disgrace and mental worry. All kind of difficulties, expulsion to foreign countries, fear of imprisonment, diseases, debts are the likely results. Loss of wealth, loss of prestige danger from sharp weapons are expected. Women must be careful in kitchen while cooking to avoid accidents due to fire and accidents form knife etc., Try not to involve in problems. Body will lose vitality an bile related diseases will afflict. Try not to involve in litigation.

Mars - செவ்வாய் aspects house 2.

Mars - செவ்வாய் in malefic position.

Mars - செவ்வாய் is ruling and will improve the good results

Jupiter - குரு transiting house: 3

Jupiter - குரு aspects house 9.

Jupiter - குரு in malefic position. Jupiter - குரு transiting Vedha position to good position 7.

Saturn - சனி transiting house: 4

Saturn - சனி aspects house 10.

Saturn - சனி in malefic position.

Rahu - ராகு transiting house: 11

Rahu - ராகு aspects house 5. The beneficial result of Rahu - ராகு is obstructed by the Vedha caused by Kethu - கேது at house 5. So the good results are somehow reduced or completely absent.

Kethu - கேது transiting house: 5

Kethu - கேது aspects house 11.

Kethu - கேது in malefic position. Kethu - கேது transiting Vedha position to good position 11. The bad results are obstructed to some extent by Rahu - ராகு

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